Terra Incógnita: Mira Thiruchelvam + Marlene Ribeiro + Ma Ç arico
25 mar /

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A triad of languages, between field recording and ethno pop, draw the bases for this encounter between Marlene Ribeiro, Mira Thiruchelvam and MAÇARICO. This activity is sold out.

Marlene Ribeiro describes herself as a “mysterious mist of nostalgia, playfulness, self-reflection, and hope”. She is an alchemist who transforms field recordings of sounds made by everyday objects, like pots and pans, recorded in places like her grandmother’s kitchen in Portugal, or the garden in her house in Ireland, into introspective and supersonic soundscapes to which she adds her eerily sublime voice. Mostly known for her work with Gnod, Marlene has also been collaborating with artists like Thurtston Moore and Valentina Magaletti.

From Bergen, Norway, and south-Asian roots, Mira Thiruchelvam is a flutist, composer, and lyricist. In a fusion of South Indian classical music, ethnic progressive and ethno pop, Mira paints a soundscape through impressive brushstrokes of vocal percussion over a background of Carnatic music. She composes for multiple projects and spans across musical genres such as classical music, hip hop, rock, blues, and folk music, and her collaboration with the rap duo Karpe at the Oslo Spektrum in 2022 was claimed to be "the most beautiful show in the world right now" by Rolling Stone. In 2015 she created the band 9 Grader Nord with her sister, Dipha Thiruchelvam, for which Mira composes and plays bamboo flute and guitar. In 2020, the band’s debut album, Jaffna, was awarded the Edvard Award in the Challenger category.

MA Ç ARICO uses painting, writing, video, and sound to explore ideas of space and being, through a multidisciplinary approach that seeks what can be found at the core of concepts such as the individual, the body, and transitoriness. Born in Amadora, Portugal, MA Ç ARICO studied in São Miguel in 2016, and is now a painting student at the AKI Artez Fine Arts Academy. In 2020, he was part of the “We never say never” exhibition, which opened the VAGA cultural space, and won the Young Creators W&T Prize 2022, which led to his first solo exhibition, “Jumping into Existence”.

This activity is sold out.

Terra Incógnita
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