When and where is Tremor 2024?

Tremor 2024 happens on March 19th to 23th, on the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

How do I get to Tremor?

São Miguel is a two-hour flight from Lisbon and Oporto, and a six-hour flight from Boston. Ponta Delgada’s João Paulo II Airport is only ten minutes from downtown, and is serviced by several national airlines with both direct and easy connecting flights.

When and where can I purchase tickets?

You can buy your general ticket online via 3cket for €70 + operating costs. 

When is the final programme and the distribution of acts per days and venues communicated?

We will announce the full lineup in the beginning of 2024. 

Are there any age restrictions?

Tremor is an all-ages event. Entrance of children under 3 is allowed, when accompanied by their parents. Passes/tickets will be required for patrons ages 12 and older.

What is the dynamics of the festival? How long do the concerts last?

Tremor is a festival that invites the spectator to make choices and define an artistic itinerary between the different artistic proposals and discover new artists, the island and its different hosting communities. It is impossible to see everything because a lot of concerts happen simultaneously. We discourage you to try seeing everything, so that you have a richer experience. Each venue has limited capacity and the simultaneity of concerts offers the audience always something to see. Concerts last around 45 minutes, this duration might vary depending on the artist and repertory.

Do I need to rent a car?

It’s up to you. The  car is the easiest means of transportation on the island. You will be freer to move around and participate in the festival’s activities happening around the island in different locations.

An alternative you can use our shuttle service Carreira Tremor (bus service), public transport or car sharing.

Is public transportation available?

Once you land in the airport, you can hop on a taxi to your accommodation or Ponta Delgada’s downtown. Ponta Delgada downtown is serviced by a mini bus system. The island is serviced by several public transportation buses that take you to Sete Cidades, Furnas, Ferraria, Vila Franca do Campo, Nordeste, Povoação, Ribeira Grande. You can find route maps and additional public transportation information in the Tourism Office in Ponta Delgada’s main avenue, Avenida Marginal.

Are there buses for the concerts?

The festival’s organization will make available some transfers for concerts, if those happen outside Ponta Delgada, in other townships of island of Sao Miguel.

Where should I find accommodation?

Most Tremor’s activities take place in Ponta Delgada, we advise you to stay in town. Please note that the island offers incredible accommodation solutions, for all pockets and types of experience.

The festival does not have a camping site, however the island has several camping sites which can be seen here.

What is Tremor Todo-o-Terreno?

Tremor Todo-o-Terreno are secret walking trails in São Miguel to be discovered with a live soundtrack.

What is Tremor na Estufa?

Tremor na Estufa is an adventure: the audience is invited to a small trip into a secret place on the island for a surprise concert. Participants are informed about the location on the day of the show, being able to travel there using their own means of transportation or by Tremor bus. We advise to take an umbrella, a rain jacket and comfortable shoes.. It is mandatory to carry an ID. It’s forbidden to drink and smoke under the premises, as well as bringing food or drinks. Entrance is subjected to screening and searching. 

What is Mini Tremor?

Mini-Tremor is a program for children and their families with proposals of artistic installations, performances, jam sessions of dance and music. 

Any free activities?

Yes. Annually Tremor includes free access activities, limited to the spaces capacity.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

Payment for individual passes is made in cash. The center of Ponta Delgada has numerous banks and ATMs.

Tremor is a cashless event, please do find out the details here.

Will alcohol be available at each event/venue? Can I smoke inside?

Most events will have a bar with beverages available, but some institutional venues will not be serving alcohol, nor its consumption is allowed under their premises. Each venue will have a sign with the restrictions, the same applies to smoking, which varies from place to place.

What about safety and medical needs?

If you need medical attention, please alert an event organiser, venue staff, or member of our security staff and we will assist you.

I'm a journalist and I want to cover the festival, how do I do it?

Journalists should contact the festival's communication team, presenting the outlet for which they write, a proposal to cover the festival and / or content to be developed before, during or after the festival. Proposals should be sent to tremorpress@gmail.com. The number of press passes available is very is limited due to the very small capacity of the festival.

I am an artist; I have a band; I want to make a partnership proposal; I had an idea to do in Tremor; I have a venue for a concert. Who do I talk to?

Proposals should be addressed to the curatorial team and organisation – info@tremor-pdl.com – until December 10th prior to the festival. Each proponent will have a response according to the programme of the artistic direction set for each year . Incoming proposals sent after the set date will only be analyses for the following year.


101 Plutão Camaleão
102 Yuzin
103 Lovers and Lollypops

Patrocinadores principais

104 Governo dos Açores
105 Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada
106 Câmara Municipal de Ribeira Grande
137. Republica Portuguesa + DGArtes

parceiros criativos

107 Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
108 Coliseu Micaelense
109 Teatro Micaelense
110  Estúdio 13

mecenas residências artísticas

111 Fundação Millenium BCP

Parceiros mediáticos

112 Antena 3
113 Yuzin
114 RTP Açores
115 Antena 1 Açores
116 Gerador


117 FLAD
118 A.C. Cymbron, S.A.
119 Galp
120 Fundação Galp
123 Grupo Bensaude
124 Wayzor
125 Bentrans

apoio / support

126 Certificado Açores
128 Amigos dos Açores
129 Etep
130 Cision
131 La Bamba
132 Cultura Governo dos Açores
133 Museu Carlos Machado
134 Neat Hotel
135 Cresaçor
138 meo
138 VidAçor
139 edge
139 Fenais a Fenais
140 coral

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