Notícia Arte Bonecreira
Azorean traditional Bonecreira Art as inspiration to 2024 Tremor’s visual identity
The beginning of the Bonecreira Art dates back to the second half of the 19th century, when the first artisans workshops for the production of these small clay figures were opened in the city of Lagoa, in São Miguel, Azores. Initially serving as an activity to reinforce the family income or as a hobby, this craftshift is, nowada...

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Tremor Certified by A Greener Festival
Tremor Certified by A Greener Future
This month, Tremor was bestowed the Certification given by A Greener Future (AGF)—an International non profit entity who oversees and evaluates the environmental impact of events held Worldwide. After having attended Tremor in 2023, when they had the chance to witness the production and implementation of the festival, this enti...

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Tenth edition of Tremor overlooked in a book released in partnership with Gerador
Tenth edition of Tremor overlooked in a book released in partnership with Gerador
The 10th edition of Tremor originated a digital book.Signed, letter by letter, by artists and festival-goers, Cartas de Amor ao Tremor is the result of a unique initiative that united, once again, Gerador and Tremor.In the 2023 edition, festival-goers were challenged to declare their love for Tremor, taking as a starting point u...

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Donativo à Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe
Donativo à Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe
We want to thank you. Again. We were able to donate €1657 to the Rabo de Peixe Music School thanks to the remaining values of the cashless bracelets used at the festival.#tremoréamor 🧡

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TREMOR 2024 - Bilhetes à venda!
TREMOR 2024 - Bilhetes à venda!
Já podes comprar o teu bilhete para a próxima edição do tremor.Tickets for Tremor 2024 are now on sale!Buy your ticket here!

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Free water!
A água é gratuita!
Free water! We will have water points in Arquipélago, Coliseu and Portas do Mar venues.Bring your cup, hydrate and have fun!All unused water will fill a reservoir. It will later be used to water plants.

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This year, Tremor's merchandising is the clothing you already have in your closet.
This year, Tremor's merchandising is the clothing you already have in your closet.
This year Tremor's merchandising is the clothes you already have in your closet.On the 28th, 29th and 31st of March and 1st of April, Gonçalo Duarte - illustrator of the stories that accompanied us this year - will be at Portas do Mar to do serigraphy on the clothes you bring.There are 8 different drawings to take home! You can ...

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Carreira Tremor
Carreira Tremor: Tickets available
In 2023 Tremor will organize a bus transfer service that allows transportation to the festival activities happening outside of Ponta Delgada, in partnership with Varela.Tickets and routes available below.29th MarchPonta Delgada - Tremor na Estufa (secret location) - Ponta Delgada30th MarchPonta Delgada - Parque Terra Nostra - Po...

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Gerador x Tremor: Cartas de Amor ao Tremor
Tremor X Gerador: Love Letters to Tremor
Love Letters to Tremor is a unique initiative resulting from the partnership between Tremor and Gerador, the Portuguese platform for journalism, culture and education.We challenge festival-goers to create Love Letters to Tremor and to be part, along with 10 national artists, of the digital book that will immortalize the 10th edi...

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3. Parceria - Hóteis do Grupo Bensaude
Parceria - Hóteis do Grupo Bensaude
O Tremor possui uma tarifa especial nos hoteis do grupo Bensaude. Utilizar em reservas via site BENSAUDEHOTELS.COM,Código: BHCTREMOR2023Desconto 15% em tarifa FLEX nos seguintes hotéis: Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico, Hotel Marina Atlântico, S. Miguel Park Hotel and NEAT Hotel Avenida. Reservas até 28.03 para o período de estadia ...

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2. Parceria - Wayzor
Parceria - Wayzor
Tremor offers a special rate in partnership with Wayzor.When making a reservation via the WAYZOR.PT website use the following code:TREMOR2023This code guarantees a 20% discount on the best rate available for any group of vehicles.

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101 Plutão Camaleão
102 Yuzin
103 Lovers and Lollypops

Patrocinadores principais

104 Governo dos Açores
105 Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada
106 Câmara Municipal de Ribeira Grande
137. Republica Portuguesa + DGArtes

parceiros criativos

107 Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
108 Coliseu Micaelense
109 Teatro Micaelense
110  Estúdio 13

mecenas residências artísticas

111 Fundação Millenium BCP

Parceiros mediáticos

112 Antena 3
113 Yuzin
114 RTP Açores
115 Antena 1 Açores
116 Gerador


117 FLAD
118 A.C. Cymbron, S.A.
119 Galp
120 Fundação Galp
123 Grupo Bensaude
124 Wayzor
125 Bentrans

apoio / support

126 Certificado Açores
128 Amigos dos Açores
129 Etep
130 Cision
131 La Bamba
132 Cultura Governo dos Açores
133 Museu Carlos Machado
134 Neat Hotel
135 Cresaçor
138 meo
138 VidAçor
139 edge
139 Fenais a Fenais
140 coral

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