Ricardo Martins is from Lisbon but at this point, he might as well have learned how to play the drums on fish barrels in São Roque. After coming to play solo (Tremor 2016), with Filho da Mãe (Tremor 2016) and as part of the Pop Dell'arte entourage (Tremor 2018), in 2021 he locked himself up in Ribeira Grande, together with Filho da Mãe and Norberto Lobo for an artistic residency to be performed at Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, during the pandemic edition of the festival. Hellbent on reminding us that there are some good memories from pandemic times, Ricardo Martins tells us this:

«It was the first concert we had after the COVID restrictions started being lifted. We had been locked at home for months and when we arrived on the island, I felt that I had just arrived in a parallel world. I hadn’t hugged a human being in a long time. And the residency itself contributed to this. We didn’t even leave Ribeira Grande. We had our routine of waking up, going for a swim, and then locking ourselves up and playing for a few long hours. Even the security guard at Arquipélago became our great friend, we talked lot about music, and he told us where to eat. Even though the three of us were very secluded and close-off during the residency, very deep in our heads, composing and thinking about music, when the residency ended, we experienced a very beautiful moment. We finally met with a lot of people we love – Sara Cunha, Joaquim “Fua” Durães, Nuno Biónico, even Kitas and his father. To me, Tremor is a space for moments, not only for musical hugs, but also for hugs between friends.»


101 Plutão Camaleão
102 Yuzin
103 Lovers and Lollypops

Patrocinadores principais

104 Governo dos Açores
105 Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada
106 Câmara Municipal de Ribeira Grande
137. Republica Portuguesa + DGArtes

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107 Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
108 Coliseu Micaelense
109 Teatro Micaelense
110  Estúdio 13

mecenas residências artísticas

111 Fundação Millenium BCP

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112 Antena 3
113 Yuzin
114 RTP Açores
115 Antena 1 Açores
116 Gerador


117 FLAD
118 A.C. Cymbron, S.A.
119 Galp
120 Fundação Galp
123 Grupo Bensaude
124 Wayzor
125 Bentrans

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126 Certificado Açores
128 Amigos dos Açores
129 Etep
130 Cision
131 La Bamba
132 Cultura Governo dos Açores
133 Museu Carlos Machado
134 Neat Hotel
135 Cresaçor
138 meo
138 VidAçor
139 edge
139 Fenais a Fenais
140 coral

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