The doors to the paradise that is Ferraria do not open just for anyone. They open to anyone brave enough to drive a 45-degree turn towards the rocky cliffside. If doing that in a simple car is already enough to make anyone sweat through their moustache, then the task of coordinating a bus full of festivalgoers could only fall into the hands of one man: Hermano Oliveira (driver/human machete of trails clearing) who told us about this Tremor 2016 adventure, on the way to a Happy Meals concert:

«We had a bus picking people up for Tremor Estufa, which was at Ferraria, and right after this concert we had to take people to another concert somewhere in the city. What happened? The bus that transported all these people down there, broke down on the way up. So, together with António Pedro Lopes, we started asking people who had brought their own car to start fitting all those people who were at Ferraria into their vehicles, to see if they could still make it to the next concert. And not only did we get all the people there for the next concert, but there wasn’t a single complaint. There were even those who thought the whole hitchhiking thing was funny.»


101 Plutão Camaleão
102 Yuzin
103 Lovers and Lollypops

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110  Estúdio 13

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111 Fundação Millenium BCP

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112 Antena 3
113 Yuzin
114 RTP Açores
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116 Gerador


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125 Bentrans

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