Tremor's Swiss army knife, Gui Garrido, clearly didn’t know what he was signing up for when he agreed to play as Bandido e o Coração Pirata, in the 2015 edition of the festival. After this concert (which joined the pantheon of “musical projects that practically only ever performed one concert in their lives and it was at Tremor”), Gui’s versatility allowed him to squeeze everything out of what working at a festival like Tremor has to offer. From playing “Eu Não Vou Chorar” by Sandro G with the Rabo de Peixe Music School, to arranging rides for Diogo Lima (who still hasn’t got a license) so that he could film promotional videos in the midst of windstorms, Gui Garrido presents us with a much more relaxed memory from Tremor 2021:

«In 2021 the big volleyball games at Praia das Milícias between the entire Tremor team began. One day, when I was playing on the team that had its back to the sea, Hermano, our driver, raises his head to hit the ball and serve, when he sees a plane and says “Hey guys, I have to go. I’m just going to pick up those guys at the airport and I’ll be right back.” So, our Super Hermano left the beach, picked up the passengers at the airport, took them to their accommodations, and returned to the beach. What other festival can give you the experience of being at work and at the same time, without disregarding your job, being able to enjoy what the island?»


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