Look at him then and look at him now. From a personified seismograph on duty carrying cameras heavier than he is, to shouldering the toughest man on the south coast in one of the toughest concerts in the festival's history, Diogo Lima (Lima_Master_9000 for the fans) changes weight categories like a champ. In 2019, he added "hype man/adopted son of La Família" to his list of distinctions, after a residency with LBC, Black and Tiago Galvão, presented at Solar da Graça. This memory was squeezed out by the man himself:

«I arrived at LBC because of AZ:RAP and then the idea of making the video for this concert came up (I don't remember if it was António Pedro Lopes or if I proposed it myself). But the next thing I knew, I, LBC, Black and Tiago Galvão were already in a room at the Conservatory, on a Tuesday, preparing music to play on Saturday. Tiago Galvão later had the idea of adding a theremin and a tambourine in the middle of the concert, and there I was, embarrassing myself next to a guy who had one hell of a life story, who now had “some guy” from Ribeira Grande screaming behind him. And the funniest thing about it all is that I missed 80% of Tremor's concerts that year because I was stuck at home trying to finish the video for the concert. A video which did not get made and ended up with just a message saying, “Diogo Lima was unable to finish the video in time”.»


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