For many years considered a true cultural oasis on the island, inside an old fishermen’s shack, Arco 8, in Santa Clara, has always been a safe haven to escape from another night listening to covers of “Alive” by Pearl Jam in Ponta Delgada. That being said, it has been the perfect place to host a load of Tremor concerts. Headed by Pedro Bento (whose departure from the island after 14 years made two or three generations of people from São Miguel sigh in sadness) this space-bar-gallery-laboratory now lives only among memories, such as this one that the “ambassador of Arco 8” decided to share:

«The warmup for Tremor 2015 was at Arco 8 and consisted of three concerts, one by Sara Cruz, one by King John and one by Duquesa. It was crazy, I was completely exhausted. I had organized two of the concerts in the gallery part of the space, but for Duquesa we decided to set up a raised stage that was almost above people's heads. Sara Cruz and King John played first, but later, when people went to the bar, Duquesa played but nobody heard anything. Everyone was just talking to each other, nobody paid any attention to the show. When the concert was over, understandably upset, I decided to play Mozart in the bar for the rest of the evening as revenge. People started to get uncomfortable. Even I, at the bar, could already feel the tension in the air. The only person laughing was Duquesa. I remember that at the end of the night we talked about it, and he told me: “Look, I was talking about this Mozart piece with my girlfriend, and you played it! It was like fate!”. I realized that, in the end, he was happy and therefore, I was happy too. It was a sort of guerrilla move to try to make people pay attention.»


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