In the Azores, there is a peculiar contradiction regarding the presentation of cows as the most representative animal of the islands. On the one hand, there is no advertisement, billboard or television billboard that does not include a herd carefreely grazing in the postcard-like landscapes of the islands. On the other hand, there is no self-respecting regional restaurant that does not have a good regional steak at the top of its menu. The restaurant Alcides, in Ponta Delgada, being (although this is an ancestral debate) the best representative of this. While this dynamic is intrinsically woven into Azorean lore, it is perhaps more difficult to understand from the point of view of psychedelic vegetarian Canadian outsiders such as Black Mountain (Tremor 2015). This story was shared by our programmer Luis "Kitas" Banrezes.

«Black Mountain's agent had asked for the band to be accommodated in a four-star hotel and, in addition, the band members had specified in their rider: “We are all vegetarians, we don't eat meat”. Despite that being a tough request to fulfil the time, due to limited offer, we managed to accommodate the band. However, at the end of their stay—it's not that they were upset with us—but they said: “Dude, we stayed in an incredible place but how is it possible that you put us in a hotel where the best meat restaurant on the island is located? We stayed up all night smelling meat being cooked!” It was the hotel on top of the restaurant Alcides.»


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