“Azorean Torpor” — an expression coined by two English brothers who visited the Azores in the 19th century — is described as a feeling of near-fading and an accidental inertia, which is inherent to the condition of being an Azorean. Márcio Laranjeira (co-founder of the Lovers & Lollypops label and one of those responsible for the existence of this festival in the middle of the Atlantic) was also not immune to this feeling:

«In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable with the island’s rhythm. I arrived in the Azores and everyone was very relaxed. When it comes to the technical staff, sometimes I really despaired. That is until one day, in a stressful situation, someone from the technical staff, very calmly, said to me: “Hey buddy, if you run too fast, you’ll end up in the sea.”. Right away, I understood what he meant by that. It helped me adapt my rhythm and appreciate this characteristic of the Azores. That is, things end up happening, in their own time, but they happen.»


101 Plutão Camaleão
102 Yuzin
103 Lovers and Lollypops

Patrocinadores principais

104 Governo dos Açores
105 Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada
106 Câmara Municipal de Ribeira Grande
137. Republica Portuguesa + DGArtes

parceiros criativos

107 Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
108 Coliseu Micaelense
109 Teatro Micaelense
110  Estúdio 13

mecenas residências artísticas

111 Fundação Millenium BCP

Parceiros mediáticos

112 Antena 3
113 Yuzin
114 RTP Açores
115 Antena 1 Açores
116 Gerador


117 FLAD
118 A.C. Cymbron, S.A.
119 Galp
120 Fundação Galp
123 Grupo Bensaude
124 Wayzor
125 Bentrans

apoio / support

126 Certificado Açores
128 Amigos dos Açores
129 Etep
130 Cision
131 La Bamba
132 Cultura Governo dos Açores
133 Museu Carlos Machado
134 Neat Hotel
135 Cresaçor
138 meo
138 VidAçor
139 edge
139 Fenais a Fenais
140 coral

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