Cyclically, measures are rethought to make it attractive for health professionals to settle in the region. However, the financial incentives, the ease of access to the workplace, or the postcard landscapes, do not compare to the possibility of meeting members of your favorite bands, a couple of hours before going to their concert. This story, about the Moullinex concert in 2016, was told by Luís “Kitas” Banrezes (co-founder of the festival and, apparently, an amateur paramedic), thus inaugurating the chapter of “concerts that Kitas missed because he was hyperventilating somewhere along hospital corridors”.

«There was a year when we brought the band Moullinex. But the band's drummer got very sick, to the point that the concert was close to being cancelled. I had to play ambulance and drive him to the hospital. While we were waiting to be called in, a doctor I knew passed us by, saw me and said: “Dude, shouldn't you be at the festival?”. To which I replied: “No, because I had a problem here with the drummer of Moullinex”. And the doctor replies: “What? He’s the drummer of Moullinex?!? He's really going to have to play because I bought a ticket just to see them”. And that's what happened. The drummer went into the ER, I don't know what the doctor did to him (he must have given him one of those really strong injections), but I can assure you that the concert was incredible. I have never seen that drummer play so much in my life.»


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