During the process of collecting the stories that paved the way to the festival’s tenth edition, we came across a recurring concern about a certain event: “You are not going to talk about of Kitas's son’s fall, are you?”. Out of this entire collection, this story is arguably the hardest to tell and it is only included here for a number of reasons: first, fortunately, everything turned out well and Luís “Kitas” Banrezes’ son remains in excellent health; second, throughout this archive, there are many other examples of happy memories around the Mini-Tremor (the festival segment dedicated to training brand new festivalgoers) that will serve as an example to counterbalance this tragedy; and third, the story was presented by Kitas himself, with an honesty and rawness that not including it here would dishonour his willingness to share it.

«One of the first Mini-Tremor was held in an old house, with very high railings where it would never have occurred to us that a child could get through. At that time, we had bought a bubbles machine that was placed on the second floor of the house, pointing to the floor below, so that the children who came for the concert, when entering the house, passed through a curtain of soap bubbles. My kid had already seen it at home, and he already knew how the machine worked. The problem is that, during the concert, as soon as he saw the device turned on, he went straight for it. When he climbed up to the second floor where the machine was, he tried to go after the bubbles and fell headfirst down a basalt staircase. When they gave me the news, they didn't immediately say what had happened, but I remember Márcio (Laranjeira) grabbing me and saying: “Stay calm, stay calm!”. No one stays calm in these situations, it was horrible. Everything that happened was horrible. I had my kid in my arms not breathing, already going into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, he recovered and he’s doing great! Now I look back and think it was one of those tragedies disguised in luck: it was tragic, but if it weren't my kid who fell, if it had been any other child, maybe Tremor would not exist today.»


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