Tremor Festival 2019
São Miguel Island, Azores 


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Tremor Festival takes over São Miguel as a privileged stage for music, with an interdisciplinary program that includes surprise concerts in unexpected places of the island, concerts and interactions in the landscape, workshops, thought, art and artistic residences. 

  • Dead Combo

    Dead Combo

  • Boogarins


  • Mykki Blanco

    Mykki Blanco

  • Liima


  • Três Tristes Tigres

    Três Tristes Tigres

  • Sheer Mag

    Sheer Mag

  • Mdou Moctar

    Mdou Moctar

  • Aïsha Devi

    Aïsha Devi

  • Altın Gün

    Altın Gün

  • The Parkinsons

    The Parkinsons

  • Snapped Ankles

    Snapped Ankles

  • 10 000 Russos

    10 000 Russos

  • Lone Taxidermist

    Lone Taxidermist

  • Ermo


  • The Mauskovic Dance Band

    The Mauskovic Dance Band

  • Baby Dee

    Baby Dee

  • Tír na Gnod

    Tír na Gnod

  • Tó Trips e João Doce

    Tó Trips e João Doce

  • Zulu Zulu

    Zulu Zulu

  • Gonçalo


  • Miss Red

    Miss Red

  • Paisiel


  • O Gringo Sou EU

    O Gringo Sou EU

  • Mal Devisa

    Mal Devisa

  • José Valente

    José Valente

  • Victor Torpedo Karaoke

    Victor Torpedo Karaoke

  • Goldshake


  • Julius Gabriel

    Julius Gabriel

  • Fugitivo


  • Bleid


  • Daniel Blaufuks + Banda Lira Sete Cidades

    Daniel Blaufuks + Banda Lira Sete Cidades

  • La Flama Blanca

    La Flama Blanca

  • Lava Jazz Quinteto

    Lava Jazz Quinteto

  • Rafael Carvalho + FLiP

    Rafael Carvalho + FLiP

  • ondamarela + ASISM + guests

    ondamarela + ASISM + guests

  • O Gringo Sou EU + EsMúsica.RP

    O Gringo Sou EU + EsMúsica.RP

  • PELE


  • Impromptu


  • We Sea

    We Sea

  • Voyagers


  • DJ Milhafre

    DJ Milhafre

  • D.WattsRiot


  • Pauliana Valente Pimentel

    Pauliana Valente Pimentel

  • The Creative Independent

    The Creative Independent

  • Tremor na Estufa: Five Years Special – A Contest Certified by Azorean Nature

    Tremor na Estufa: Five Years Special – A Contest Certified by Azorean Nature

    [REGISTRATION IS CLOSED] The Government of the Azores and Tremor Festival unite to create a unique experience. This partnership comes from the desire to offer the audience of Tremor a surprise concert, in a special format, celebrating the festival's 5th anniversary. A proposal that challen...

    Varela Rent-a-Car @ Tremor 2018

    Varela Rent-a-Car @ Tremor 2018

    For the second year in a row, Varela Rent-a-Car supports Tremor and gives it an extra wheel to discover the island. The rhythm of the festival is in this special campaign. Get a lift from one of their cars and enjoy the party.   TREMOR SPECIAL RATE (prices per day) Cars: Opel Corsa or&nb...

    Tremor Todo-o-Terreno: Sold Out!

    Tremor Todo-o-Terreno: Sold Out!

    Tír na Gnod @ Tremor Todo-o-Terreno – Pedestrian Walk + Music – March 21 and March 22 – 03:00 p.m. Limited capacity to 45 people. Registration, here. Tír na Gnod, duo version of Gnod with Paddy Shine and Marlene Ribeiro, membe...

    Lone Taxidermist needs 4 volunteers to participate in her concert

    Lone Taxidermist needs 4 volunteers to participate in her concert

    Who wants to be an Arseonist? Are you a sexually liberated man or woman? Are you a feminist man or woman? Are you powerful? Are you comfortable wearing plastic and latex? Do you feel comfortable dribbling or showing your teeth? No previous performance experience necessary. In fact it's bet...


    Creative and Editorial Direction: Nuno Miranda  |  Design: Sérgio Couto
    Photography: Rubén Monfort, Rui Pinheiro, Tito Mouraz and Nuno Miranda  |  Photo Editing: Nuno Miranda
    Video Editing: Diogo Lima and Sérgio Couto  |  Copy Editing: Nuno Miranda | Web Development:
    Writing: Sara Cunha  |  Translation: John Almeida, Sara Cunha e António Pedro Lopes

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