Tremor returns to São Miguel, Azores in 2021

This year, two weeks before the start of our 7th edition, the world changed our lives and we had to postpone our annual meeting on the island. 2021 still seems distant and uncertain, but throughout these days the strength and certainty of making Tremor in 2021 have grown in us. It will for sure take a different format, yet true to its mission as a catalyst for experiences.
Tremor will keep the same space for concerts, the discovery of the territory, the inclusive artistic creation, the dialogue with Azorean memory and traditions, the play with the unexpected, the surprising and the discovery. May it continue to be a way of telling stories of the Azores and generate positive communication, affection for culture and economic and tourist impact. In 2021, we’ll work to design a festival that can continue to be a moment of encounter, celebration and, above all, joy.
The date will be different. Taking into account the current contingencies, and the uncertainty of the moment when the restrictions with travels will be lifted, we feel that the usual date of Tremor, in the week before Easter, may pose a high risk for the festival. Therefore, in 2021, Tremor will take place in late summer, from September 7 to 11.
At the moment, we won’t sell more tickets. This is a contingency measure, which allows us to work respecting a set of measures related to the capacity of the spaces in accordance with the active legislation. The only tickets available for the 2021 edition are those of the 2020 edition ticket holders who decided not to return it within the deadlines established at the time of cancellation. For holders of these tickets, they do not need to take any action. Tickets purchased at BOL, FNAC, CTT, La Bamba and other points of sale are automatically carried over to the 2021 edition. You only have to present the same ticket that you purchased in 2020 at the 2021 edition ticket office. Ticket holders who have requested a refund have their tickets canceled for the 2021 edition. 
If the future allows it, the remaining tickets will go on sale, until it reaches the festival's usual capacity, however at the moment we work with these conditions, exercising safety and respect for all public health rules. This situation is subject to update.
We will continue working and very soon, we will come back with more information about the Tremor Festival 2021.Until then, stay with us. Care, Health and Love. #tremoréamor

  • Angélica Salvi

    Angélica Salvi

  • Associação Surdos São Miguel + ondamarela

    Associação Surdos São Miguel + ondamarela

  • berru


  • Casper Clausen

    Casper Clausen

  • Clã


  • Conferência Inferno

    Conferência Inferno

  • Debora Silva

    Debora Silva

  • Dirty Coal Train

    Dirty Coal Train

  • Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe + Jerry the Cat

    Escola de Música de Rabo de Peixe + Jerry the Cat

  • Beatriz Brum

    Beatriz Brum

  • Ferro Gaita

    Ferro Gaita

  • Sonoscopia


  • Filho da Mãe + Norberto Lobo + Ricardo Martins

    Filho da Mãe + Norberto Lobo + Ricardo Martins

  • Gregory Le Lay

    Gregory Le Lay

  • InSeCureFrank


  • João Pais Filipe

    João Pais Filipe

  • Kazän


  • Kelman Duran

    Kelman Duran

  • Ko Shin Moon

    Ko Shin Moon

  • Larry Gus

    Larry Gus

  • Lena D’Água

    Lena D’Água

  • Luis Gil Bettencourt

    Luis Gil Bettencourt

  • Luís Senra

    Luís Senra

  • MadMadMad


  • Mário Raposo

    Mário Raposo

  • PMDS


  • Samuel Martins Coelho

    Samuel Martins Coelho

  • Sensible Soccers

    Sensible Soccers

  • Slim Soledad

    Slim Soledad

  • Sofia Caetano

    Sofia Caetano

  • Solar Corona

    Solar Corona

  • Vanishing Twin

    Vanishing Twin

  • Warmduscher


  • Artists in residency

    Artists in residency

  • Epicentro: Promessa

    Epicentro: Promessa

  • Mini Tremor

    Mini Tremor

  • Tremor na Estufa

    Tremor na Estufa

  • Tremor Todo-o-Terreno

    Tremor Todo-o-Terreno

  • UniTremor


  • When and where is Tremor 2021?
    Tremor 2021 happens on September 7 to 11th, on the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

    How do I get to Tremor?
    São Miguel is a two-hour flight from Lisbon and Oporto, and a six-hour flight from Boston. Ponta Delgada’s João Paulo II Airport is only ten minutes from downtown, and is serviced by several national airlines with both direct and easy connecting flights.

    When and where can I purchase tickets?
    No tickets on sale at the moment.
    When is the final programme and the distribution of acts per days and venues communicated?
    During the early months of 2021.

    Are there any age restrictions?
    Tremor 2021 is an all-ages event. Entrance of children under 3 is allowed, when accompanied by their parents. Passes/tickets will be required for patrons ages 12 and older.

    How do tickets work?
    Each Tremor ticket must be exchanged by an official Tremor wristband placed on your wrist by an organisation member of the ticket office.  We don’t take reservations. A daily pass is not available, nor special priced passes for groups or single tickets for specific concerts. Exchange locations and schedules in São Miguel Island will be announced soon.

    Wristband exchange:

    The wristband will grant the holder access to activities, depending on the capacity of each venue. The wristband is personal, not transferable and its use is mandatory. Each venue opens 30 minutes before. Make sure you arrive early to the most sought after concerts. 

    What is the dynamics of the festival? How long do the concerts last?
    Tremor is a festival that invites the spectator to make choices and define an artistic itinerary between the different artistic proposals and discover new artists, the island and its different hosting communities. It is impossible to see everything because a lot of concerts happen simultaneously. We discourage you to try seeing everything, so that you have a richer experience. Each venue has limited capacity and the simultaneity of concerts offers the audience always something to see. Concerts last around 45 minutes, this duration might vary depending on the artist and repertory.

    Do I need to rent a car?
    It’s up to you. Though we advise you to do so, because renting a car is the easiest means of transportation in the island. You will be freer to move around and participate in all the festival’s activities happening around the island in different locations. On saturday, September 11th, all activities will be happening in Ponta Delgada and will be within walking distance. In the city, you have a great selection of excellent restaurants. Tremor has a special deal with Wayzor, the official Rent-a-car of the festival. Festival ticket holders have advantages to use this service. Conditions and reservations here.

    Is public transportation available?
    Once you land in the airport, you can hop on a taxi to your accommodation or Ponta Delgada’s downtown. Ponta Delgada downtown is serviced by a mini bus system. The island is serviced by several public transportation buses that take you to Sete Cidades, Furnas, Ferraria, Vila Franca do Campo, Nordeste, Povoação, Ribeira Grande. You can find route maps and additional public transportation information in the Tourism Office in Ponta Delgada’s main avenue, Avenida Marginal.

    Are there buses for the concerts?
    The festival’s organization will make available some transfers for concerts, if those happen outside Ponta Delgada, in other townships of island of Sao Miguel. This offer does not apply to the Tremor na Estufa sessions. Times and prices to be announced soon.

    Where should I find accommodation?
    Most Tremor’s activities take place in Ponta Delgada, we advise you to stay in town. Please note that the island offers incredible accommodation solutions, for all pockets and types of experience, which can be seen in the section TIPS. The festival does not have a camping site, however the island has several camping sites which can be seen here.


    What is Tremor Todo-o-Terreno?
    Tremor Todo-o-Terreno is a set of two site-specific experiences that invite the audience to do a hiking trail and discover original sound creations, recorded and live, by commissioned artists. Its attendance is limited and registration is required. Registrations dates will be announced on all Tremor digital platforms (website, app and social media) soon. Each person can only participate in one trail.
    On the night before the event, participants are sent an email with place and hour of departure and the specific needs of participation. 

    What is Tremor na Estufa?
    Tremor na Estufa is a set of surprise concerts in surprise locations. Names are announced in the festival’s lineup but not given a venue. Meeting point: Parque de Estacionamento da Madruga, Av. Antero de Quental, Ponta Delgada. If you’re out of Ponta Delgada and prefer to go to the place of the concert without going to the meeting point, the surprise location is revealed through the festival’s digital platforms (website, app, social media) each day at 11 am. Each participant must get to the concert with their own means of transportation. We advise participants to be ready and take an umbrella, rain jacket, comfortable clothing and shoes. Carrying a valid ID card is mandatory. You cannot drink or smoke in the locations, nor drink or eat. Entrance can be subject to security check.

    Is there any free entry activity?

    Do you take credit or debit cards?
    Ticket sales will only accept cash. Some bars and  venues, though not all, will accept credit/debit cards. There are numerous banks and ATM machines located throughout Ponta Delgada downtown area and all around the island.

    Will alcohol be available at each event/venue? Can I smoke inside?
    Most events will have a bar with beverages available, but some institutional venues will not be serving alcohol, nor its consumption is allowed under their premises. Each venue will have a sign with the restrictions, the same applies to smoking, which varies from place to place.

    What about safety and medical needs?
    If you need medical attention, please alert an event organiser, venue staff, or member of our security staff and we will assist you.

    Can I volunteer in Tremor?

    I'm a journalist and I want to cover the festival, how do I do it?
    Journalists should contact the festival's communication team, presenting the outlet for which they write, a proposal to cover the festival and / or content to be developed before, during or after the festival. Proposals should be sent to The number of press passes available is very is limited due to the very small capacity of the festival.

    I am an artist; I have a band; I want to make a partnership proposal; I had an idea to do in Tremor; I have a venue for a concert. Who do I talk to?
    Proposals should be addressed to the curatorial team and organisation – – until December 10th prior to the festival. Each proponent will have a response according to the programme of the artistic direction set for each year . Incoming proposals sent after the set date will only be analyses for the following year.

    Tremor is aware of all the recommendations and guidelines that DGS and the other competent entities have given concerning the procedures to be followed in order to avoid and prevent a possible spread of COVID-19 in events. The festival is already taking the necessary steps to, during its realization, apply the rules and recommendations that DGS and WHO determine, at that point, as being the most appropriate to avoid possible outbreaks. These recommendations can be read in detail on the institution's website, where they explain clearly that they are, at this point, mainly related to sanitation precautions.The website also contains recommendations addressed to citizens, which we advise you to consult.

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